A 28-year-old female with mild skeletal Class II and dental Class I malocclusion had chief complaint of teeth crowding and poor esthetics. The patient presented with a convex facial profile, long face with a steep mandibular angle, bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion with 9 mm overjet, and dental crowding. She had severe caries on the maxillary right first and second molars, and the mandibular left second molar. The mandibular left first and second premolars had ill-fitting porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. The maxillary right third molar and the mandibular left third molar were impacted. The orthodontic treatment included autotransplantation of the maxillary left first premolar and mandibular right first premolar to the extraction space of the maxillary right first molar and mandibular left first premolar, respectively. The maxillary right third molar and the mandibular left third molar were brought into occlusion to replace the maxillary right second molar and the mandibular left second molar, respectively. The total orthodontic treatment time was 21 months, and followed up for 2.5 years, there were no abnormalities observed in the transplanted teeth under both the radiographic and clinic evaluations. This case report demonstrates that orthodontic treatment combined with autotransplantation can eliminate the need for implants or prosthetic therapy.